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Alexander Harris is an independent filmmaker who recently returned to the NYC area after spending the last few years living, studying and working in Japan and Taiwan. He has a BA in Communication Studies from Temple University, and speaks conversational Japanese and Mandarin.


Past projects include documentary, narrative, journalism and commercial films. Roles performed include directing, producing, editing, and composing.


アレクサンダー・ハリスはニューヨークの独立映画制作者 - 過去数年間日本、台湾に住んで学び、働いてきました。彼はコミュニケーション研究テンプル大学の学士号を取得しました。また、日本語と中国語を話す。












Directed, Edited & Composed


This short documentary looks at a small town north of Tokyo that was hit by the March 11, 2011 tsunami, and what life is like for those affected a year later.


Though Iioka is in the prefecture Chiba which neighbors Tokyo, it's fate was overshadowed by northern areas which were hit much worse.


Like many areas affected, a large percentage of the population is elderly.


"Iioka" was a semi-finalist in the Student Academy Awards.

After the Rain

Directed & Edited


"After the Rain" follows the singer Scott Stapp (lead singer of Creed) as he visits some of the most devastated areas hit by the 2011 tsunami in Japan.


In the film he visits a housing shelter where he performs for residents whose homes were destroyed.


He also stops by Yokosuka Naval Base where he gives a USO show for the troops on the USS George Washington.


Directed, Edited & Composed


This video was produced for the TOMODACHI Initiative, a program created after the 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami by the US Embassy in Japan and the US Japan Council.


The word 'tomodachi' means 'friend' in Japanese. The program's goal is to bring future generations of Americans and Japanese together.

A Little Help, Big Happiness

Some Bunny Loves You

Directed, Edited & Composed


4th place MOFILM winner.

Edited & Various Roles


5-Day Doc Challenge Submission.

Sugamo Prison

Waltz No. 7

Directed & Edited

Directed & Edited